News: We also sew protective shoe covers and caps for hospice in Brno!

Face masks, protective shoe covers and caps for hospitals, social workers and care givers

Disposable protective equipment is out of stock and those who take care of people in need don't have it to protect them nor themselves. That's why we sew face masks, protective shoe covers and caps, collect them, disinfect them, pack them by 50 pieces and give them away wherever they are needed.

If you are a field worker, social services worker or work in healthcare and you need masks, let us know.

It's out of our power to sew for individuals. We give priority to organizations taking care of people in need. Thank you for your understanding.

How can I contribute?

All the ways to contribute
I can sew

Help us at a sewing workshop

Volunteering sewing workshops were founded at Podaná kavárna at Hilleho 5 and Industra at Masná 9.

There are sewing machines available at all locations, as well as fabrics and people who will teach you how to sew.

I can and want to sew

I wanna sew at home, bring me materials

Are you from Brno? Let us know and we'll deliver the necessary materials to you.

There are a lot of you who are helping. We are trying to get back in touch as soon as possible, but it can take even 2 days. Thank you for being patient.

I can and want to sew
Entire Czechia

I'm done, what's next?

We'll pick up the products ourselves so that you don't have to go out. Let us know and we'll get back to you.

Always wear a face mask during handover, please be considerate towards the drivers.

If you're outside the Brno area, you can send the masks free of charge via Czech Post.

I can contribute financially
Entire Czechia

Donate money to purchase fabrics

Contribute by donating to a transparent bank account 2701786666/2010. Use sijemerousky as note for recipient.

You can also donate via the Give a Face Mask campaign.

I can and want to sew
Entire Czechia

I'm not from Brno yet want to sew

If you are not from Brno, please sew primarily for your neighbors, your town and surrounding areas. Consider local hospitals, retirement homes and local centers of social services.

Keep in mind to sterilize the masks by washing them at high temperature and ironing them. Package them in a sealable plastic bag before handing them in.

I can drive and make deliveries

Help us with pick-ups and deliveries

We're collecting finished products to be disinfected and we're delivering fabrics and other sewing materials to homes.

Volunteers, you're at the right place!


Spread information

Print out posters and hang them around the streets.

Help key information find its way to as many people as possible.

Everything about face masks, protective shoe covers and caps

why wear masks

Face masks make complete sense!

It totally makes sense to wear a do-it-yourself face mask. Like that, you are protecting your neighborhood at least partially.

How to handle a face masks so that it's most effective?

Caution, do not 'sterilize' face masks in a microwave oven, they can catch on fire!

Sewing guidance

What and how can I sew?

The fabric, cords and laces have to be 100% cotton. Like that, they can be disinfected and reused.

Feel free to follow sewing instuctions for face masks, shoe covers or caps.

Try to acquire materials from your own sources as it's time and cost-efficient. Reach out to your friends, family, acquaintances and ask them for fabrics, threads or to lend you a sewing machine. All this should take place without you coming into direct contact with each other.

Shrink the fabrics by washing them first is not necessary.

Asking kindergartens and accommodation providers for discarded bed sheets and other fabrics also proven to be successful. Plenty of companies and organizations also stock T-shirts, which can be turned into laces for face masks.

Sew with us

Sewing workshops in Brno

Get in touch

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